Day 1- 24 November 2008

Introduction to workshop by Prof. Kohn – 1

Introduction to workshop by Prof. Kohn – 2

Introduction to CEPT initiatives in Ahmedabad by Prof. Chhaya

Day 2 – 25 November 2008

A case for a people-friendly approach by Prof. Kohn

Introducing the analysis of the Sabarmati River Basin

Day 3 and 4 – 26/ 27 November 2008

Draft presentations by students on analysis of Sabarmati River Basin

Day 5 – 28 November 2008

Final analysis of Sabarmati River Basin (Updated)

Lecture by Prof.R.J. Vasavada

Day 6 and 7 – 29/30 November 2008

Visit to sites along the Sabarmati

Day 8 – 1 December 2008

Lecture by Prof.Utpal Sharma

Presentation of site visit narratives

Lecture by R.I. Shah

Day 9 – 2 December 2008

Presentation of site visit narratives continued

Day 10 – 3 December 2008

Discussion on issues to be pursued further

Day 11 – 4 December 2008

Tying up strings of issues – patterns/ opportunities along the river

Day 12 – 5 December

Lecture by Dr. Darshini Mahadevia

Day 13 – 6 December

Work started in 3 groups – tackling the whole river basin, a 20 km stretch between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, and a 20 km stretch south of the Vasna barrage

Day 14 – 7 December

Identifying issues, prioritising

Day 15 – 8 December

Lecture by Dr. Parthasarathy

Day 16 – 9 December

Lecture by Prof. Chhaya

Day 17 – 10 December

Students ‘ discussion with resource persons

Day 18 – 11 December

Concluding session with Prof.Kohn

Day 19 – 12 December

Students work on final presentation

Day 20 – 13 December

Exhibition of students’ work on CEPT campus

Day 21 – 14 December

Student presentation at Sunday Market, Ellis Bridge


November 10, 2009

001 rivers-nerves of health

002 sabarmati today

003 sabarmati tomorrow












(Please click on the link to view a photo of the event.)

From a visitor:

First of all let me thank you for sparing your precious time to explain on “Eco-friendly system” projection held at the bed of River Sabarmati on Sunday (14-12-2008) and also it was my pleasure being there, to know about the organization which is taking keen interest in the welfare of the country and making people aware of the environment they are living in.

I came across a gentleman, French Architect of yours, who asked me, how I react on the projection of Eco-friendly system. Well at that moment I responded him by saying that in our country only individual show their resent by fighting it out all alone in the society and ending up being frustrated for not getting fruitful result.

I would like to appreciate you all and your organization for showing keen interest in the uplifting of our society surrounding by projection of Eco-friendly system through media like displaying pictures, being present there to explain the importance of Eco-friendly system …….. I personally feel this kind of projection of an organization can be a base to draw individuals’ attention to come forward and join hand with the organization, to think positively and practically to do something for the betterment of the surroundings.

I wish you all the best. I hope to know more about your organization, so that I can plan to join hand with the organization and contribute something to the society.

Regards with thanks,

A visitor

Exhibition at Sunday Market

December 16, 2008





Final exhibition preperations

December 16, 2008









final poster




Site visit narratives

December 11, 2008

Following the analysis of the Sabarmati River Basin, the student visisted the different sites assigned to them along the basin. On their return, they selected 10 images and 10 keywords that highlighted characteristics of the sites. 

(In the site, type in keywords of your choice in the ‘search’ window, and the images containing those keywords will show up)

site visit images

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the following resource persons for taking time to advice the workshop participants on the progress of their work.

Ms. Madhavi Joshi, Centre for Environmental Education, Ahmedabad

Mr. Ramesh Savalia, Centre for Environmental Education, Ahmedabad

Mr. Vivek Khadpekar

Mr. Gautam Patel

Some photos from the discussion:







Lecture by Prof.Chhaya

December 11, 2008